KoF Live: Nike Kyrie 2 Parade Unboxing (Video)

I’ll always be bitter about not receiving a pair of the Nike Kyrie 2 Ky-Rispy Kreme. Yes, it’s mostly a tongue-in-cheek “bitter”, but had I actually been seeded those glorious boxes, I think this GIF would have best summed up my excitement over it. What my sad state did reveal is that not only do I not have the best Kyrie 2s so far, but I don’t have any Kyrie 2s period. As Editor-In-Chief of a rather popular sneaker blog, I had to fix that right away. Enter the Nike Kyrie 2 Parade

Yes, it’s really just a black and white Kyrie 2 with a colorful strap, but that’s mainly the release why I like it. The Parade colorway speaks to what Kyrie mentioned to us a few weeks ago when he said that when he’s working with set barriers, it allows his creativity to flow. Knowing that he can’t too high or low, it forces the mind to work and think of ways to create that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in a scenario when there are no boundaries. While we don’t know if Kyrie had a lot to do with the creation of the pair that he wore to the Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade, it is on the short list of best Kyrie 2s available now.

We unboxed our pair of the Nike Kyrie 2 Parade on Facebook Live. Be sure to like us on Facebook so that you’ll be notified of the next time we broadcast another unboxing.


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