Justwin Customs absolutely killed his latest design.  The Nike Kobe 8 “Maestro” is a beautifully designed sneaker based off the Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Maestro.”  The attention to detail on this custom is what makes this design so dope.  We’ve seen a few custom jobs done by Justwin Customs, but this might be the best one he’s done as of right now.  Let us know what you think of the Nike Kobe 8 “Maestro” custom in the comment section below!

Justwin Customs:

The inspiration for this shoe comes directly from the Kobe 9 Elite “Maestro” with everything from the insole to the laces and the flyknit details replicated onto the Kobe 8. The Kobe 9 Elite has received mixed reviews due to the unorthodox height of the shoe so this customers solution was take the theme of the shoe but place it on the Kobe 8 instead. I believe that the final result is an extremely accurate custom that shows what this years all star theme would look like on last years model.