If you didn’t know already, Nike and Kobe Bryant have been hiding some special pairs of the upcoming Nike Kobe 11 Achilles Heel all across the world in hopes that a lucky fan will find them and cherish them forever.

This unique scavenger hunt began a couple of weeks ago¬†when we saw people from Toronto, Chicago and Beaverton kicks things off. These special Kobe 11s are hidden in different cities around the world and come in a special box and are also autographed by Kobe himself. If you were to find a pair what would you do with it? I personally would probably keep it for a long time because it can be worth some real big money down the line. But everyone has a different mentality so I can only speak for myself. One lucky person who found a pair in the Bronx has already taken his pair and listed up on eBay. The shoes are a size 7 and the bid is currently at $1,475 with four days remaining. If you’d like to make a bid then click here.

How much do you think these pairs will end up selling for when the auction reaches its conclusion?

via: eBay / Nike Basketball
h/t: SC

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