EASY MONEY! You can hear it on courts as shots get knocked down. So when you have the nickname Easy Money that means that your proclivities to knock down shots are immense. Kevin Durant’s skill at draining jumpers from all over the hardwood has earned him that moniker. Nike Basketball took that name and paired it with the most recognizable figure on money: Benjamin Franklin. Then the new colorway for the Nike KD 7 was born. Nike had this to say:

Inventor and statesman Ben Franklin used a metal key and a kite to prove that lightning was really a stream of electrified air. Franklin’s famous stormy kite experiment in June 1752 radically changed general understanding of the power of lightning and electricity. As an ode to Franklin’s fascination with weather and his prominence on the U.S. $100 bill, the Easy Money colorway features green hues and graphics from the Benjamin bill – a tribute to KD’s nickname, Easy Money.  Launch: Sept. 10.

Source: Nike