Nike Hypermax - Air Max2 CB 34 Inspired - Charles BarkleyThe Nike Hypermax has been heavily reported on over the past few days as they marked the releases of two PEs designed exclusively for two of the most valued NBA players of the day.

The model featured today was inspired by none other than “The Round Mound of Rebound,” Mr. Charles Barkley. The Nike Hypermax – Air Max2 CB 34 Inspired – Charles Barkley features an image of his official Air Max2 CB 34 and seems to fully display the power of Barkley’s impact in the sporting world, he proclaims they are “so technologically advanced, you won’t understand it.” This same saying is also printed on the in-sole of the shoe along with an image of Barkley.

The shoe is composed of a black/grey base with added colorful accents over the upper. Via Kenlu.