In the sneaker world, few acronyms carry the gravitas of HTM. When sneakerheads hear it, they know that something special, unique and rare is about to drop that changes the way we think about the kicks that we wear. Since 2002, the collaborative trio of fragment design’s Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nike’s Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker has produced some of the most influential and forward-thinking sneaker in that time, including one of the first luxurious takes on the Nike Air Force 1, the transformative Nike Sock Dart, the game-changing Flyknit and many more.

With Nike’s Innovation Summit set to begin tomorrow from New York City, you can rest assured that this triumvirate will be on hand. Who knows? Maybe they’ll change the game. Again. Read the full oral history here, but you can read the full Marker Parker portion of the interview here.