Dank Customs did some brainstorming and decided to create a hybrid Nike sneaker that combines features of the Nike Air Max 1 with the beloved Nike Flyknit Racer. Some people may say both models are great as is and should not be altered, but once you take a look at the end result, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dank Customs opted to go with one of the most colorful offerings of the Nike Flynit Racer, the upper of the shoe is left untouched, but the original sole of the Racer has been completely removed. The Flyknit Racer sole is removed in favor of the classic Nike Air Max 1 sole unit. What you end up getting is a pretty sweet looking Nike Flyknit Racer Max 1 custom. Surprisingly, the shoe looks like it could be an actual release. Some people would even go as far as saying that it looks better than the original Flyknit Racer. Great work Dank! Be sure to check out Dank Customs’ website to see more of his latest work!

via: jwdanklefs

Author’s Take

I wouldn’t be surprised if this hybrid model becomes an actual Nike shoe somewhere down the line. This is a hybrid model I wouldn’t mind to own. That’s how dope I think the shoe looks.