Heres a look at a new custom sneaker by TTK which uses the well liked Nike Dunk Hi as a base. These are called the “Triggerfish” and the project started back in Steptember 2007 between TTK and a close friend of his. The challenge was made for TTK to design a sneaker based after a Triggerfish which included all its main aspects. Some images for reference points were printed out, the paints were mixed and TTK went to town for a few hours when he recently had some spare time. First glance it may just appear to you that abunch of random designs are just thrown together on the upper but if you look at a picture of a Triggerfish you can see that everything matches up nicely. You have the white spots which cover most of the body of the Triggerfish, along with the yellow and black design on the top of the tongue and on the frontal which is the same pattern and color as the top of the Triggerfish. A Triggerfish also has fines that are sort of aqua color so TTK finished up one Nike Swoosh in that color, along with the toe box and then covered the other swoosh and toe box in a coral color which is his own custom mix. Check out more pictures after the jump including a picture of a Triggerfish to compare the sneakers to it. Via: Sneaker Obsession