The Nike Dunk Lo new release has this nice chocolate brown and light brown suede shoe. The toe pad is light brown with some perforations that allows for air circulation. The lighter color contrasts with the richness of the dark chocolate and makes this Nike Dunk Lo unique.

Nike Dunk Low CL Brown/Baby Blue ACG Inspired
The shoe laces also play with the color combinations. The black on yellow striped combination is great. The strips are also carefully designed to slant at an angle for the classy, striped look. One can always exercise the option of changing the shoe laces for a customized look. I think orange laces will blend well with the brown.

I like the baby blue inner lining. It is a cool blue to remind me of the Fall season.

The outer sole is splattered with specks of white snow. It gently reminds me of the coming change in seasons. It is a thick sole that will serve well while walking on thick, mushy ground. The suede is not stain resistant and will stain to become a darker shade of brown.

From the front view, this pair of Nike Dunk Lo Cl – ACG looks like a light brown suede. So, if one need is looking towards color coordination for outfits, light brown is in!Nike Dunk Low CL Brown/Baby Blue ACG Inspired