Nike Air Huarache

Model: Nike Basketball , Nike Air Huarache
Original Purpose: Basketball
Year of Release: 1992
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When the idea was first proposed, it was a comedic success, but that wasn’t the point! People laughed when they heard Nike’s idea. You want to create a shoe with the center cut out and the ankle exposed? Sure!why not? It makes it really lightweight. All you have to do is use a phylon midsole but reinforce the forefoot so that there is a snugger fit, which will cause less stress on the ankle bone. [Jaws Drop]. Any other questions?

Then, when no one else besides Scottie Pippen would wear the Nike Air Huarache, along came five freshman from Michigan who asked Nike if “it came in black?” The Fab Five sported the shoe, and the “sandal” as it was called by the opposition, was a hit. Who do you think got the last laugh?Nike Air Huarache