Nike Air Venture - Sports Red / White - Metallic Silver

Nike has tried their best to stay ahead of the pack in terms of sportswear. Whether they have succeeded or not is up for debate. One thing we do know for sure is that their new campaign for running sportswear has been fierce. With the many different releases of their Nike Free Run +2s and different colorways of classic Air Max 90s, they have given the average jogger a plethora of sneakers to choose from.

The Nike Air Venture contains that old school vibe that makes it a classic blend between exercise gear and casual wear. With a rounded look similar to the Pegasus 83s this shoe displays a classic ageless style. A red swoosh and heal border a simple white upper and mesh. It is finished with a black sole. Whether you use it to sweat or chill is entirely up to you.

Nike Air Venture
Sports Red / White – Metallic Silver

source: Caliroots