The Nike Air Talaria is a classic Nike sneaker that initially released back in 1997. Many Nike enthusiasts wished that Nike retroed this sneaker way back in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, they never did. Close to 20 years later, Nike finally decided to please the masses.

The Nike running shoe was recently spotted at NikeLab Mercer in original form for the first time since 1997. Right in the center of the picture you will find the neon yellow colorway contrasted by the white hits placed all over the shoe. The shoe was said to be returning on March 31st but it looks like NikeLab Mercer got their shipment a few weeks early. So if you’re in New York and you’re also in need for a new pair of the NikeLab Air Zoom Talaria, head on over now!

via: @Gwarizm
h/t: TSG

Author’s Take

Not really sure how these will do in the market. I don’t see it as a shoe people would rock casually in 2016, and if you want a runner there’s probably better options out there. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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