Nike’s affinity for packs continues as we get a look at the Nike Air Max Camo Collection. Fresh off the heels of the Air Max Sunset Pack, the Nike Air Max line once again takes center stage. The Air Max‘s inception in 1987 was geared toward running performance, but has since transcended those confines, as causality and style  have become the function for its worldwide patrons.

Not lost on the changing landscape, Nike has taken several of its classic Air Max and given them technology facelifts. Cognizant of the Air Max’s initial purposes, the upgrades consist of fashion but remain dually functional. Engineered mesh and hyperfuse bless the whole Camo Collection leaving it breathable and lightweight whether you’re running or roving about town.

The central focus of the pack is based in an homage to the Air Max line’s worldwide reach, and the international love the shoes have amassed over the years. The pack is defined by six classics including the  Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air 180, and Air Classic BW. Each shoe has its own camouflage print specific to a nation whose flag is stitched in the insole. The countries consist of France, Italy, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom respectively. The camouflage patterns range from woodland camo, disruptive camo, tiger camo,and dessert camo. Nike has once again created a pack that will excite fans yet also pay tribute. Select styles of Nike Air Max Camo Collection will release on July 3rd while others will release at a later date. Be on the look out as KOF receives more information.