Although the Copper Foamposites were stirring up plenty of talk, ever since information first surface about the re-issue of the Nike Air Foamposite One – Eggplant, fanatics have been frozen in anticipation, causing the copper version to seemingly fly under the radar. Whether they didn’t get a chance to get their hands on a pair initially, or they just wanted another pair, this was an opportunity to own one of Nike’s most popular and unique designs.

KicksonFire was on site at the Footaction located on 34th street and 7th avenue, where fans had been lined up for hours for the midnight release. Thanks to our good friend Greg (the manager), we were allowed access into the store and were truly able to get a feel for what goes on during such an anticipated release. As the trite phrase goes, you could feel the electricity in the air!! Footaction also decided to conduct some extra-curricular activities, as they raffled off $100 and $50 gift certificates to a few lucky fans.

Overall we enjoyed our time there, and credit the fanatics that waited in the blistering cold in an attempt to get their hands on the Nike Air Foamposite One – Eggplant. We hope everyone was successful, and can’t wait until the next release. Enjoy the recap ahead!