It was just reported that Nike, adidas and Under Armour all decided to pass up on signing future UCLA star and future NBA player Lonzo Ball to an endorsement deal. According to ESPN, Ball’s father, better known as LaVar Ball also confirmed that all three brands informed him that they were not interested in signing his son to a deal.

Lonzo and Lavar had meetings with all three brands and it is being said that during all three meetings Lavar insisted that if they wanted to sign his son they would have to license his upstart Big Baller brand for him. Aside from that, Lavar also took the time to create of prototype signature shoe for his son to show the brands what his visions were.

“We’ve said from the beginning, we aren’t looking for an endorsement deal. We’re looking for co-branding, a true partner. But they’re not ready for that because they’re not used to that model. But hey, the taxi industry wasn’t ready for Uber, either.” – LaVar Ball

What are your thoughts on all three brands passing up on Lonzo Ball? Was it a good decision or will they end up regretting it in the long run.

via: ESPN