NID de GUÊPES is known as a contemporary clothing label, not for footwear. That is until now. Introducing the NID de GUÊPES Native Run, the first ever shoe from NID de GUÊPES. In an effort to reach a wider audience, NID de GUÊPES plans an expanding the products they offer, with shoes being one of their new products.

The NID de GUÊPES Native Run is a moccasin inspired shoe that is handmade in Portugal which takes inspiration from Native American garments. Featuring a light grey suede leather upper, laced detailing on the back, laces along the side and hand stitching. Opting to go with a more modern look, a white midsole paired with a black outsole do the trick. The NID de GUÊPES Native Run will be available for purchase this coming September. Cop or drop?


via: Hypebeast

Author’s Take

It’s said that mare colorways and materials will be released the close we get to release day. I like it. Not bad at all for their first silhouette. Clean style!

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