The late 80’s gave us some of the best NBA Slam Dunk competitions in the history of the event’s existence. Specifically in 1988 Michael Jordan went head-to-head against Dominique Wilkins aka “The Human Highlight Film” in Michael’s hometown of Chicago. MJ needed a damn near perfect round in order to beat Dominique so he reached into his deep bag of tricks from 1987 and out he pulled the iconic Free Throw Line dunk that won him the Slam Dunk Title that year.

We have seen this dunk from many angles before, but never from this one that is shown above. The common views of this dunk are from the left and from the front while this new angle shows Jordan’s dunk from the right side. In case you forgot this is the dunk in which MJ is wearing the iconic Air Jordan 3 White Cements that we all love so much. We’re not sure exactly who the photographer is that captured this shot but it’s amazing that it has surfaced now 26 years later after it originally happened.

What do you think of this angle of Michael’s legendary Free Throw Line dunk? Let us know in the comments below.

via: SC

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