With March Madness soon approaching – single-elimination Division I college basketball tournaments performed each Spring – Nike Basketball celebrates classic college basketball rivalries for select men’s and women’s basketball teams with eight Hyper Elite uniforms.

Notable men’s teams include the University of Kentucky, Duke University, Syracuse University, University of Florida, University of Arizona and University of Oregon – while the women’s teams consist of the University of Connecticut and Baylor University.

Featuring Nike Hyper Elite Jerseys and Hyper Elite Shorts, the uniforms are comprised of a white ultra-lightweight stretch mesh base to regulate and maintain a comfortable body temperature, with school-specific color lettering and a speed graphic of an iconic symbol of each school across the side of the game short. In addition, a Nike Shooting Shirt and Nike Hyper Elite Vest is introduced as well, with each providing reduced weight for pre-game warm-ups.

All NCAA uniforms are constructed to demonstrate Nike’s commitment to reducing environmental impact, with each garment made of 100 percent recycled polyester.

The uniforms will make their debut tomorrow, starting with Kentucky (vs. Auburn); Arizona (vs. UCLA); Baylor (vs. TCU); followed by Oregon (vs. Utah) on Feb 22; Duke (vs. Syracuse) on Feb 28; Florida (vs. Tennessee) Feb 28; and Syracuse (vs. Virginia) on Mar 2. Connecticut is expected to debut its uniform during the conference tournament.

via: NIKE

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