This “Rugby” Pack from New Balance is the second of it’s kind; with the first one released this past June.  The previous drop was filled with collegiate inspired colorways – with your option of Red / Grey, Green / White, Red / Navy and Navy / Yellow.  This new “Rugby” Pack was done especially for the ladies, filled with vibrant Summer inspired designs.

Aside from the Fuchsia and Blue version of the 574, the collection could easily be mistaken for being unisex.  Instead of the hard edge color combinations from the previous 574 drop, the New Balance “Rugby” 574 WMNS Pack includes a simplistic Grey / Teal  version, as well as a Royal Blue / Green and Kelly Green / Yellow version.  Each one is built from durable canvas, perfect for every day biking, running or chillin out at the beach.  If you want to grab a pair, check for them now at Feature LV.