With less than a month away, New Balance has offered a preview into Part 4 of the Super Team 33 project. The Super Team 33 collection represents various regionally designed packs of sneakers available in 33 of the world’s finest sneaker retailers. Previous regional designers included NB USA, NB Japan and NB EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). Part 4 has enlisted the talents of New Balance Asia/Pacific to create this Elements Collection.

The Elements Collection features three New Balance 1400’s based on the following themes, Fire/Steel, Earth/Wood and Water. Playing on the culturally significant notion of yin-yang, each creation embodies a sense of serenity and completion. Each sneaker features detailed designs which can be seen on the outsole, tongue and insole. A defining characteristic is the use of a Chinese character to mark each element. The Super Team 33 Elements Collection will release Saturday, October 20th with a price of approximately $200 USD. (HypeBeast)