I’m surprised Damian Lillard doesn’t have a list like Chris Jericho. Despite being one of the most accomplished WWE Superstars of all time and a master of reinventing his gimmick through the years, Jericho never gets mentioned among the pantheon of greats. Jericho is a legend to be sure, but he’s always slotted in a level lower than he deserves. It’s no wonder part of his current character right now in WWE is writing a “list” of all the people that have wronged him then and now.

If tomorrow Dame came out and put together a list of all the snubs he’s received in his short NBA career, we would be here for a while just trying to get through all of them. While his Portland Trail Blazers haven’t been as good in comparison to years past, All-Star Games, Team USA spots, All-NBA omissions are just some of the more notorious basketball-related slights. There’s the “Soundcloud Rapper” taunts that demean his music career, the lack of attention outside of PDX and the Twitter trolls that love nothing more than to bring him down.

A “List Of Dame” should happen, but it won’t. Few athletes in the league have as thick a skin as Lillard and he knows that he has the support of his fans and his signature shoe maker adidas. After wondering for a few weeks about the lack of the adidas Dame 3 on NBA 2K17, we finally get a chance to mess around with the kicks and put together some player exclusives for him to wear on the digital court. We’ll leave it up to you to come with a “list” of fancy nicknames.

Road Whites


Christmas Breds

Rip City Grey

NBA Finals