The Boston Celtics are probably not feeling pretty good about themselves lately.  Despite a Christmas Day win a week ago where Rajon Rondo became a showstopper in his Nike Air Max Hyperposite PEs, the team proceeded to lose their next three games by at least 18 points.  The team is likely hoping that this is their customary regular season funk that they go through every year during the Garnett Era, but the hope for a turnaround is a little more panicked than usual.

And with a blowout win comes a chance for us to see players that we normally don’t see on NBA Kicks.  Take Thomas Robinson, for instance.  The lottery pick is still trying to pick up on the NBA game and with a talent like DeMarcus Cousins and established vets like Jason Thompson ahead of him in the depth chart, it’s hard to find time for the promising rookie.  So he has to take opportunities like this in stride and play hard, while we take advantage of his time on the court by featuring him rocking his Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl.”   If Robinson is bringing out heat like this on a nightly basis, we should probably start a petition to convince coach Keith Smart to get him some more playing time.

Check out the rest of the light night in the Association, including Monta Ellis getting one last hurrah in some Air Jordan fan favorites, Caron Butler jumping on the Jordan CP3.VI bandwagon and Drew Gooden unveiling some uh… interesting iDs.  Have a safe new year, everybody and please don’t drive if you’re going to drink.  The more you know, you know…

Photos courtesy of Allen Einstein, Glenn James, Rocky Widner, Andrew D. Bernstein and Noah Graham Getty Images/NBA Entertainment along with Hector Amezcua of the Sacramento Bee.

Thomas Robinson – Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl”