The NBA, everybody. So good. Image: All Ball
The NBA, everybody. So good. Image: All Ball

It will take some time to rebuild the Sacramento Kings. They just got done dealing with one of the most difficult and embarrassing stretches that a sports franchise has ever had to endure, but now they finally have an owner that seems to be content with keeping the team where they are presently. All they have to do is clean up the mess that them Maloof boys made which will be no small task considering how big of a mess it really is.

But what we’re really happy to see is that the Kings will field a ridiculously diverse roster of kicks. Each of the five players here on our preview represent different brands and that’s not even including the likes of Carl Landy who is signed with PEAK and Marcus Thorton and Jason Thompson who have been known to bring out Nike-branded heat every so often just to keep us on our toes. Yes, it’s going to be another trying year as a Kings fan, but as a sneaker fan? There is a lot to love.

2013-14 NBA Kicks Preview - Cover
Yeah, Boogie, we’re that happy too. Image: Grantland

Pictures courtesy of the Sacramento Kings/Rocky Widner/Getty Images/NBA Entertainment

2013-14 NBA Kicks Preview - Vasquez 1The Game Manager

Player: Greivis Vasquez

Brand: Under Armour

The rub on Vasquez is that while he has the distinct advantage of being taller than most NBA point guards, he doesn’t have speed or quickness to make up for it. Despite finishing second in the NBA’s Most Improved Ballot last season, it seemed like he was shipped off to the Kings without too much of a thought by his former team. And that’s a bummer because we loved the PEs that Under Armour hooked Vasquez up with as they were some of the most colorful kicks on the court last season. A move to the Kings kind of diminishes that a little because their color palette isn’t as rich but we wouldn’t be surprised if Vasquez’s Anatomix Spawn Lows changed up from time to time.