You want to root for Doug Collins.  Few basketball personalities are as star-crossed as the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, having achieved so much but showing little for it.  He was part of the Team USA Basketball squad that was screwed out of an Olympic Gold Medal in Philadelphia.  He was a multiple-time All-Star and former #1 overall pick, but his Sixers teams always fell short.  He coached Michael Jordan both when he was still too young to really give in to a team system and too old to really matter in the championship picture and in between those Jordan stints, he had Grant Hill at what we later learn would be the apex of his talents, only to be derailed by Jordan’s Bulls.  Even when his Sixers beat the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, people will always add an asterisk to that win because it came without Derrick Rose, who went down with an injury on the first game.

But help is on the way for Collins and it will come in the form of two big men with lottery pick pedigree who have learned from some of the greats of the game…

Twin Towers, baby! They got this…

Uh, well at least the Sixers will be rocking some heat this season.  The team is poised and ready to prove everybody that their great run last season was not a fluke.  And with an All-Star center in tow and a sneaker champion ready to shoot the lights out (quite possibly literally), the Sixers will be a team to watch this season.


The Lost

Player: Kwame Brown (Nike)

You know how seemingly everybody that plays for Michael Jordan – whether it’s for the Wizards or the Bobcats – inevitably ends up rocking Jordan Brand?  Remember how Kwame Brown bucked that trend and signed with adidas?  Remember how that turned out for both parties?  MJ never made the playoffs in Washington and I’m sure he would place some – if not a lot – of the blame on Brown and his inability to catch a basketball.

And then there was Kwame’s time with Kobe Bryant.   As part of the infamous 2005-06 Los Angeles Lakers team that was so horrifyingly bad (Brown, Chris Mihm, Luke Walton and the immortal Smush Parker were rotation guys), Bryant was robbed of an MVP award as he dragged that group of basketball mendicants to the playoffs.

So after having to endure the embarrassment of being the scapegoat for two of the greatest to ever play the game, it looks like Kwame enjoyed his time with Mamba more.  Why, you might ask? Because despite this hilarious video, Brown still rocks Kobe’s shoes.  Brown wore the Nike Zoom Kobe 7 to Media Day and has been participating in training camp in what appears to be the Kobe 6.