Well, that honeymoon lasted all of one year, if that.   At the start of last season, the Clippers were the darlings of the league, thanks to their stunning acquisition of Chris Paul and their social media friendly nickname “Lob City.”  It was easy to love the Clippers, but as it turns out, it was easy to hate them too. As the season progressed, the once-loveable Clippers became “Flop City” and the same people that were in love with Blake Griffin’s highlight dunks were now calling him overrated.  Even though they were seemingly on par with their next door neighbor Los Angeles Lakers for much of the season and produced one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Playoff history, the Clippers were once again relegated to second citizen status when everything was said and done.

Over/under on these guys all staying healthy?

Now  that the Lakers finally got a blockbuster trade (Dwight Howard) that was actually approved by the league and David Stern and signed their own superstar point guard in Steve Nash, the Clippers will now enjoy the anonymity of being the underdogs once more.  Although they retain their core starting five from last season, they will enjoy a more veteran-laden bench that should help them get over the Lakers hump.  And with their two biggest stars both signed to deals with Nike and Jordan Brand, there will be plenty to see on the feet of the Clips this season.


The  Homecoming

Player: Lamar Odom (Nike)

This could end a lot of different ways for Lamar Odom.  The multi-talented forward is back in his “home” of Los Angeles where he played the best basketball of his career, both as a Laker and a Clipper.  The situation he is coming to with the Clippers is a lot different from the once he used to know.  Now there’s stability and sane people running things on the court and there are even (relatively) sane people in the front office.  But whether or not any of that means anything to the “candyman” is up for discussion.

During Media, Odom wore a Nike Air Max Hyperposite player exclusive that features a unique colorway and is “L.O.” logo on the tongue of the shoe.  Considering how clean they look, it would be a surprise to see them on store shelves sooner rather than later.  He will be wearing plenty of player exclusives throughout the year of various Nike Basketball shoes, so keep an eye for that.  I’d like to talk about what he wore last season, but I think we’re better off pretending nothing happened with Odom last year.