Gary Dineen/NBA/Getty Images
Gary Dineen/NBA/Getty Images
Gary Dineen/NBA/Getty Images

Save them how?  From utter boredom…

I’m kind of in the same boat as Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd; a year ago, I probably would not have considered the Bucks as team worth looking at.  But now they have the most promising (but raw) frontcourt duo in the NBA in rookie Jabari Parker and second-year player Giannis Antetokounmpo along a decent core of veterans to build around.  They probably won’t make the playoffs this season, but if they can get Parker and Antetokounmpo moving in the right direction, playoffs won’t be the only thing the woebegone franchise has in mind in the future.

Now if I were Jason Kidd, I probably would not have left my mysterious Russian billionaire playboy owner because he’s a mysterious Russian billionaire playboy owner for fear of keeping all ten of my fingers intact, but that’s Kidd.  He goes where he wants and you don’t even realize the bridge that’s burning right behind him…

It's in the game... wait, what?
It’s in the game… wait, what?

As a sneaker blogger and nightly NBA Kicks recapper, my interest in the Bucks went from zero to a 100 emoji the moment Jordan Brand signed Jabari Parker to a sneaker deal.  Not since Carmelo Anthony has Jordan Brand taken a flyer on a high profile (sorry, Victor Oladipo) rookie.  Not that they expect Parker to carry the brand because Jordan Brand in 2014 is in a far different and way more successful place than they were in 2003, but look at Jordan’s top athletes.  Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook all spent a cup of tea with Nike before making the move to Jordan Brand.  There was no “probational period” with Parker so clearly they see something in him.  Let’s just hope Jordan the brand is better at scouting young talent than Jordan the Charlotte Hornets owner.

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