The following is brought to you by Joe Dumars, if Joe Dumars was being honest:

“Look, I know the past few years have been bad. I mean, really bad.  I brought in Allen Iverson thinking he could bring excitement to the team, even though I might be the last person not named Chris Wallace to realize he was past his prime.  I resigned Richard Hamilton even when it made more sense to let him walk. I brought in Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon for what seemed like eleventy bajillion dollars when neither is actually capable of being a starter. And then there was Tracy McGrady… yeah…

But look at this way. By being so bad for so long, we have a talented and young frontline and a promising point guard that came from the John Calipari School of Talented Guards (see: Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, etc.). And with all of our bad contracts set to expire in 2013 (oh, best believe we’re amnestying Charlie Villanueva), we will are bound to make a huge splash in the free agent market.  Dwight Howard and Chris Paul here we come when pigs fly. How long of a grace period do I have for winning the 2004 NBA Championship do I have again?”

This is your future, Detroit. Well, assuming they stay…

And Year Forever of the Detroit Pistons Rebuilding Project continues.


The Guy Who’s Always Ready

Player: Corey Maggette (who knows?)

I miss Corey Maggette.  He was always one of my favorite players on the Clippers back when they were just horribly bad but fun to watch.  Sure, they hardly won any games but you wouldn’t know it from the way Maggette carried himself.  He was the type of player who looked and acted like a franchise player, even if the team’s record indicated otherwise.  And yeah, passing the ball for him was sometimes difficult for him, but it’s not like he had options back in those days.

And when he was a Clipper, he was part of that heyday where Jordan Brand was seemingly on every Clipper at the time.  He rocked the Air Jordan XI and XII with regularity until he signed on with Dada and he took his kick game to absurd new heights.  He’s moved back and forth between Nike and adidas since then, but if there’s one word I could use to some up his sneaker history, it’s “America!”