I guess writing emails in Comic Sans does pay off.  Just two seasons after losing LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers have “lucked” out in the NBA Draft, winning the top pick in 2011 to go along with a #4 overall pick, which they also got this year.  While it would be nearly impossible to replace a talent like James, that’s not a bad haul of picks for the tortured city.

Where once a huge Nike banner hung on the city of Cleveland featuring an image of James throwing chalk up in the air, the swoosh really should consider putting up another one for the franchise point guard that they managed to draft in 2011.  We don’t know who Kyrie Irving really is, other than that he has a penchant for dressing as an old man so he can hustle kids in pick-up games, but Cavs have to feel pretty good in the meantime while they have a young squad to be excited about.



The Free Man (Part 1)

Player: Omri Casspi (adidas)

Actually, I just want call everybody “Free Man” if they just got out of Sacramento (just kidding, Sacramento, you know I love you and your team).

Is it bad that Casspi’s finest moment was (and still is) when he took on Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo in the second (and last, because the NBA doesn’t like fun) edition of the H-O-R-S-E contest during All-Star Weekend?

After rocking Nike throughout his young career, Casspi just signed an endorsement deal with adidas, possibly a signaling an attempt by the three stripes to move into non-American markets.  Casspi will be rocking the adidas Crazy Light 2 and the adidas Crazy Shadow this season.