Earlier this week, the NBA caused a stir in the sports world (like they always do when training camp and pre-season is a mere days away) when “word got out” that they were considering for select games using nicknames on the jerseys the players would wear. As expected, this blew up the 24-hour sports news cycle, with many welcoming the unique way to promote the league’s personalities while others were calling it the death of sports as they knew it. Yup, it can only be the best or worst thing ever. Loved the lack of nuance in the reaction and coverage to this.

Anyways, with our daily NBA Kicks set to start up once more, here are some nicknames that we would like to see pop up at an NBA game soon. Reports are saying that the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat will be the first to unveil this experiment with obvious ones like LeBron’s “King James” and Paul Pierce’s “The Truth”, but we’re going a little more inside the NBA with this one.

Caron Butler

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