It’s 1996 all over again as not only is “Reebok Back,” but FILA is attempting to become relevant in the NBA once again.  After a long absence, FILA is rumored to be bringing back the Grant Hill classic GH2 (or Ninety6 as some people like to call it) at some point during the year.  But while a lot of attention is being paid to Grant Hill’s kicks, FILA actually kicked off their comeback with another endorser during that time, Brooklyn Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse.  The timeless wonder, who also doubles as the guy you would least like to mess with under any circumstances, has rocked his signature shoe, the FILA Stackhouse, during several games this season.  And during last night’s contest against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Stackhouse wore a grey “Camo” colorway that has never before been released.

Unfortunately, it looks like the “Camo” will stay unreleased as there is no information at the moment of that particular colorway dropping.  But I don’t think Stackhouse and the Nets are going to mind too much as the team has gone 12-2 since P.J. Carlisemo took over as the team’s head coach.  As for the rest of the night in kicks, Russell Westbrook liked the “Black Flip” so much he had to rock it again, Tony Allen continues to support the adidas Rose 3 movement and the Memphis Grizzlies decided that yellow was the color of the day.

Photos courtesy of Kent Smith, Mike Ehrmann, Isaac Baldizon, Gary Dineen, Joe Murphy, Bill Baptist, David Sherman, D. Clarke Evans, Garrett Ellwood, Sam Forencich and Ezra Shaw of Getty Images/NBA Entertainment.

Jerry Stackhouse – FILA Stackhouse “Camo”