2013 - January 8 - 10bJeremy Lin signs with adidas. As recently as 23 months ago, that news would have been blowing up the internets with people praising the three stripes for their savvy in building up a solid roster that appeals to basketball fans all around the world. Think about how innocent we were back in February of the year 2012 of our sneaker savior Michael Jordan (you’re welcome, #JDF). A healthy Derrick Rose was on the verge of signing a huge deal with adidas, people still kinda liked Dwight Howard and Linsanity was a very real and very big thing in the public zeitgeist.

Today, the only people that care (so far) about Jeremy Lin signing with adidas are NBA diehards and sneakerheads with a nose for the business beyond reselling. Did Nike no longer see the value in Lin since guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are pretty darn popular worldwide anyways? Is adidas doubling down on their support for point guards since they already have Rose, John Wall, Ricky Rubio and Damian Lillard? Did Dwight Howard put him up to it or else he was going to troll him for the rest of the year? The world may never know…

Anyways, Lin had a pretty good debut with adidas as he helped the Rockets to a win in the Crazy Light 3. Regardless of where Linsanity stands today, let’s just hope that we see some new and exciting stuff from this new endeavor beyond just Crazy Light 3 PEs. We have enough of that from Kyrie Irving and his Hyperdunks (hint hint).

Photos courtesy of D. Clarke Evans, Bill Baptist, Ron Turenne, Layne Murdoch, Nathaniel S. Butler, David Sherman and Andrew D. Bernstein of Getty Images/NBA Entertainment.