Sometimes all it takes to be the headliner on NBA Kicks is to be at the right time and the right place with the right kicks.  Ain’t that right, Iman Shumpert?



The #KnicksTape star had the highlight of the night with a putback slam with a glorious combination of power and grace that was once held by guys like Vince Carter (you know, back when people liked Vince Carter… in 2000) and Tracy McGrady (ditto).  Shumpert’s dunk was also a great way to showcase his adidas Real Deal Sole Swap custom job.  With so much attention being made to what 80s pop culture icon gets plastered on a Foamposite these days, it is nice to see that somebody is doing great work when given a three stripes canvas to work with.

Photos courtesy of Nathaniel S. Butler and Layne Murdochnd of Getty Images/NBAE. GIFs courtesy of Die Hard Sports, Bleacher Report and Pro Sports Daily.

Iman Shumpert – Adidas Real Deal Sole Swap Custom