2014 - February 6 - 7bImagine for a second you’re one of the people in charge of scheduling NBA games. For six days out of the week, you have to juggle a fair schedule that gives teams a balanced amount of home and road games throughout the season while also making sure it never interferes with prior commitments made by all of the arenas. But then you get to the Thursday games and you breathe a sigh of relief because the pool of teams you have at your disposal is limited to only the good ones and at most you only have to put together three games. So Thursday night between the Nets and Spurs followed by Warriors and Bulls probably sounded like a good idea before the season started. Then Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Brook Lopez and Derrick were either all injured or decided to rest up. Yeah, good times…

Thank goodness of Draymond Green at least for having the good sense to rock a Nike LeBron 11 iD against the Bulls or else this could have been a really “interesting” night in kicks.

As for the rest of the night in kicks, uh… yeah, we’ve seen it all before. Let’s hope tomorrow is a lot better.

Photos courtesy of Nathaniel S. Butler and Rocky Widner of Getty Images/NBA Entertainment, Jason DeCrow and Marcio Jose Sanchez of the Associated Press.