2014 - April 22 - CoverIt’s only Day 3 of the NBA Playoffs and we’re already talking about Chicago pizza. Yup, it’s going to be a long road to the NBA Finals if the sports internet is resorting to asking Bradley Beal things like his take on Giordano’s, one of the more famous establishments in the city, this early on. But instead of the giving the cursory answer that’s boring and diplomatic, Beal gave the city of Chicago a reason to really dislike the Wizards guard.

According to the Washington Post, here is what Beal had to say about Chicago’s signature dish.

“I can’t eat that fat pie piece, whatever it’s called,” Beal said. “Deep dish pizza, I can’t eat that. I got the regular thin one. I didn’t eat a lot because I heard it’ll just sit there and you’ll be in the bathroom for hours.”

Beal would go on to lead his Wizards to a victory against the Bulls and take a 2-0 series lead as they head back home. Must be the pizza and his Nike HyperRev PE…

Photos courtesy of Ron Turenne, Dave Sanford, Andy Lyons, Gary Dineen and Jonathan Daniel of Getty Images/NBA Entertainment, Frank Gunn, Darron Cummings of The Associated Press.