On Saturday, 2K Sports and Nike teamed up to launch the Nike Kyrie 2 in a brand new way. With Kyrie Irving on board, 2K Sports revealed the shoe through Twitch, the video game livestream service that is watched by millions of gamers daily. With 2K’s Ronnie Singh as host, Kyrie got to interact with fans, answer questions about the shoe and his game and also play some MyPark in 2K16 along with Cleveland Cavaliers teammate JR Smith. Here are some tidbits that sneakerheads might want to know about the Kyrie and the Kyrie 2 that came from the livestream.

NBA 2K16 x Nike Kyrie 2 Reveal 1

1st Broadcast

  • Irving was one of the first players to be “verified” in MyPark for NBA 2K15 and now he’s the first in 2K16, meaning people know they’re going up against the NBA All-Star in the game
  • Two colorways of the Kyrie 2 are available now in the game, the Nike Kyrie 2 Inferno and the Nike Kyrie 2 Effect
  • Anybody that was in The Park during the stream was able to unlock the Kyrie 2 for use
  • Irving on which sneaker to use: “they both look so pretty”
  • Irving was quick make sure his upgrades were on point, takes his 2K game very seriously
  • It sure is funny when everybody just crowds around Kyrie at the park

Kyrie talking about the curved midsole and outsole and why it’s low to the ground:

It’s tailor fitted to be able to change directions and to be able to stop on a dime… Nike has shown me a lot of pictures, just abstract photos of me in different positions on the floor and my body placement and where I am. It’s crazy to see because when you’re playing you don’t necessarily feel it but when you see pictures taken and see your foot placement and see your body angles, it’s awesome to see.

  • For anybody that beats Kyrie and his squad (his high school teammates), they received a pair of signed Kyrie 2s, but you can see that Kyrie was determined not to lose
  • Kyrie uses Carmelo Anthony’s jump shot for his small forward profile
  • Kyrie’s history with 2K goes back to NBA 2K11 (the first with Michael Jordan on the cover) (this made me feel old because my history with 2K goes back to the first NBA 2K on the Dreamcast with Allen Iverson on the cover)
  • Kyrie: “Can they see my work right now? Because I’m  definitely filling up the stat sheet.”

Inspiration for the Inferno colorway:

They come from my favorite color red and when I catch fire during a game. Kinda get hot a little bit, so it’s a welcome to the inferno and there’s nothing you can do about it except watch me heat me up. You can the flames-esque on the strap but also the colorways I love having it stand out where it’s not necessarily (pure) red. When I had my first colorway last year (either Dream or Deceptive Red), I wore them against Golden State and I actually got fined from the league because it wasn’t our team colors. I was pretty about it, Nike wasn’t happy about it (laughs), but I was happy because that means they stood out completely.

On the strap:

It keeps your heel down. I think the biggest thing about keeping your defender off-balance is by also keeping yourself off-balance. So when I think about it, the change of speed, the change of pace, the change of direction, and I tried to incorporate all of that as one. Against a defender, I can never be predictable, so it’s one move into another move into another into a counter into a counter and thinking about this constantly as I work in the gym, I’m always thinking about this just in case that I have to go in my bag (of tricks) a little bit.

The inspiration for the shoe comes from a great place and Leo (Chang) did a great job on the design for this and it made sense for my game. The first shoe was tailor fitted because of the outsole and the way the front of the shoe was and for this one it now has the full-on pivot system and my moves will all keep my body in line which makes all the difference. And you want that difference.

  • Kyrie to Ronnie: “Are you still on your tiger pants?”
  • Like his teammate LeBron James, Kyrie also feels like he has a mental edge over somebody who wears his shoes: “Just because I don’t say it doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same way, but I think as competitors, whether it be the shoes or anything else, I’m still going to have the same mindset.”
  • Kyrie got all in his feeling during that first loss: “That hurt my heart, man.”
  • The signed shoes actually have their gamertag written by Kyrie. Bet he never thought he’d ever have to write raider9800 in his life

NBA 2K16 x Nike Kyrie 2 Reveal 2

2nd Broadcast With JR Smith

  • JR still doesn’t have a pair of the Kyrie 2: “I gotta wear them in the video game because you know, (coughs), I can’t get them from my teammate”
  • For the first few minutes, JR can’t get in the park because he’s “not privileged enough to get on Kyrie’s court”
  • JR has bragging rights since he’s on the Rough Riders, calls Kyrie “little brother”
  • This stream got a hundred times better since Swish came on board
  • Kyrie and JR trying to find a third guy to run with is not unlike trying to find that one last person to ball and the selections aren’t that great
  • Why JR can’t wait for Kyrie’s return: “So he can draw double teams and I can get more shots”
  • Swish’s kicks: Air Jordan 11 Legend Blues

NBA 2K16 x Nike Kyrie 2 Reveal 3

  • Kyrie To Swish: “Don’t you want to change your jump shot (JR is using Ronnie’s gamertag and he uses Michael Jordan’s animation)?”
  • JR: “Yeah, I’m not really feeling it… no disrespect, Mike (laughs)”

Question for both: Who has the best shoe game on the Cavs?

Kyrie: (laughs) Come on, man. We got two signature guys…
JR: I’ll say this. I’ve been the best shoe guy on the biggest (shoe) city (New York) ever to play in, I come to Cleveland and I’m one of the worst. Like, seriously (laughs). Thanks to (probably his Nike reps). But you gotta look at like this when you have two signature guys on the team, I can at least get a pair from each one of you, but nah it’s cool… I’ll support Kobe.

  • JR does compliment Kyrie on his Nike game, saying he switches it up from his signatures to SBs to Air Max
  • When told they only had one more game, Swish says “just let me know if you’re gonna put us out, man, I’ve been kicked out of better places”
  • Even in a video game, Kyrie and Swish are talking like they’re on an actual court with switches on defense and calling shots
  • Ronnie and Swish have a conversations about Rumble Paks (from the N64 era), which Kyrie might have no idea what that means.