The internet and social media has made the world a smaller place. Gone are the numerous levels of “media bureaucracy” between a creative and their potential audience. That change and the closer relationship between brand and consumer has created incredible opportunity.

Mr. Foamer Simpson is about as close to a “household name” as there is in independent sneaker media. A charismatic, funny, likable personality who in tangent with his brother, “Young Buckets,” packs some serious talent into very well produced and recieved video content.

This piece isn’t about their sneaker content though. This is about their beards. Well, more specifically about their new line of beard products and accessories, Beard Necessities. Just the other day, Foamie launched their first product in the space, an all natural product they are calling Grizzly Beard Conditioner.

I spoke with Foamer this morning to learn more about the product and what drove him to launch the new brand:

What inspired you to take a leap from sneakers into the men’s grooming industry?

Well, my brother and I have been rocking beards for a minute and when I would go to look for a product I needed – something for dry skin, irritation, etc – I would come up short of what I was really looking for. We saw an opportunity to make something that really worked for what we needed. Our sneaker stuff is kind of a cool, small, niche space and we wanted our product to reach outside of that to anyone (with a beard) who would love it. So, we built the Beard Necessities brand to reach those new people.

You mentioned the products currently on the market didn’t necessarily meet your needs. What makes Beard Necessities, particularly the Grizzly Beard Conditioner different? 

Ingredients. When we first started, of course, you have that opportunity to just go be the cheapest; undercut your nearest competitor by $8. We didn’t want to do that, couldn’t do that because the best way to make a better product was better ingredients. The primary ingredients in a lot of the products I tried were alcohol and water. Alcohol dries skin; that is the last thing I wanted to put on my face. Our primary ingredients are organic  aloe vera gel and medical grade manuka honey. Expensive, high quality ingredients that really get the job done. I’ve been using our Grizzly Beard Conditioner for four months; you really feel and see the results.


Any plans to extend the line?

Absolutely. We went with Amazon for fulfillment which really takes a lot of the stress of shipping, etc – off of our plate. Plus Amazon’s customer service is top notch. It gives us the peace of mind to know that stuff is taken care of and we can focus on working new stuff. We will probably have a beard oil soon, maybe a beard kit. I think a beard kit would be cool with a conditioner, oil, comb…


It is not often that you see people not only have an idea but execute it as well. I’ve written about it before, it is inspiring. I feel like there is really two products here. For their bearded brethren, Foamer and Buckets have created a product they believe in and that they think you will love. For those who know and love the duo for their sneaker content, they have created perhaps an even more important product… an example. Two dudes not very different from any of you reading this article (from the same age group, with the same interests) have conceived, created and launched a whole new brand, in a brand new space, with a killer product and this is only the beginning.

You can support the movement and grab a bottle of Beard Necessities’ Grizzly Beard Conditioner, on sale for $28.99, here.