Man Receives Moldy Pair Of Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempos

Imagine this. With the grace of the sneaker gods you were able to get through online last week and scoop up the extremely hyped/coveted Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo. So now you’re patiently waiting to get them in the mail. Then they arrive and you see them covered in….mold? WTF!?! Sounds like a made-up story, right? Well unfortunately it’s not because this actually happened to someone.

A person with the username @remzashoedle on Instagram posted pictures of the red pair that he received in the mail this week, and as you can see, the shoes are damaged with mold before he even got a chance to wear them. It also appears that the box has water damage on it, so that explains the mold. Check out the photos below to see the condition that this guy’s sneakers came in. Hopefully someone at Nike/Supreme gets wind of this and they right their wrongs.