Diadora really relies on their N9000 silhouette, not that that’s bad or anything. The silhouette has been one of everyone’s favorites and now it is back in the spotlight thanks to a collaboration with Japanese retailer mita sneakers. The Mita Sneakers x Diadora N9000 “Aperitivo” is a sneaker that demands attention, and whether or not you care to give it, you’ll still turn your head.

This rendition of the Diadora N9000 features a mesh, suede and leather construction that is filled in by vivid shades of Orange, Yellow and White. The sunset-eque feel definitely makes these interesting, as well eye-catching. If the Mita Sneakers x Diadora N9000 “Aperitivo” has already caught your eye, then start planning for the cop on May 2nd.

Source: mitasneakers


Author’s take

If you cop these, you’ll have a pocket full of sunshine. Or a shoe full of sunshine, rather. 

Corny joke? Maybe. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that these are some of the sunniest looking kicks out there. If that’s not a way to start Summer off? Who know’s what is…