Yuta Tabuse 1
Nike Air Zoom Flight Five Black (red tongue)

Minor Hoop Game, Major Kick Game (#MHGMKG) is a continuing feature that takes a look back at some of the NBA’s most unorthodox superstars: those who brought a solid kick game. Previously we’ve shown you Gerald Wilkins and what ‘Nique’s little brother contributed to the OG landscape. In this installment we take a look at Yuta Tabuse.

Nike Air Zoom Flight Five Black
Nike Air Zoom Flight Five Black

The Kick-Off: First, I know what you’re thinking. I’ll ask the question and then I’ll answer it. WHO THE F**K IS YUTA TABUSE? Tabuse was born in and went to high school in Japan and attended BYU-Hawaii for only a year before turning pro. After a year back in Japan earning accolades, he set his sights on the NBA and became the first Japanese player to play in its Summer League. After stints in the camps of the Mavericks and Nuggets, Tabuse made the Suns in 2004, but only lasted a handful of games. He spent time in the Summer League and training camp again with the Clippers and Nets, as well as with a handful of D-League teams, but nothing ever close to his 17 minutes over 4 games in 2004.

Tabuse’ kick game is flat out J-Kidd. Even after his stints in the American basketball leagues were over and he returned to Japan, his style remained J-Kidd. Take a look at his impressive Nike Zoom rotation in the gallery below! Sound off in the comments which of his kicks you like the best.

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