Nike Zoom Vick 5

Breaking news about Vick’s Nike contract

I knew it was coming! After the news released this week about Vick’s dogfighting plea deal I knew Nike would end his contract. Nike announced this news hours after Vick made the plea agreement in federal court in Richmond, VA. Here’s what Nike had to say “Nike has terminated our contract with Michael Vick following today’s release of details of his plea. As we have said in previous statements, we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane, abhorrent and unacceptable.“ As many of you may know last month Nike suspended his contract, basically awaiting to see the final outcome of this issue. However terms of Vick’s deal with Nike has not been released. It’s confirmed that the Zoom Vick 5 will not release, and they have pulled all of his products from stores. Over the next few weeks expect to see Vick’s Nike clothing and shoes in a Nike Outlet near you. TSG