A White and Red Nike Air Ship, the very first sneakers that Michael Jordan wore before the iconic Air Jordan 1, is set to be featured in SCP Auctions’ Spring 2015 Premier starting April 8.

Owned by Khalid Ali, a 15-year old ballboy for the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1984-85 season, Ali acquired the historic pair by literally asking Michael Jordan during the Bulls pregame warm-ups. Although initially, Ali had asked Jordan for a tri-color (red, black and white) Nike shoes that Michael was simply breaking in.

“They were an intriguing blend of multi-colored Nike shoes,” recalled Ali. “I had never seen a pair of Nike shoes with three colors before.”

Perhaps not wanting to give away that special tricolored edition, Jordan went back to the locker room and was seen wearing the classic White and Red Nike Air Ship. Following the Bulls’ 113-112 victory against the Lakers in which Jordan scored 20 points, Jordan gave the sneakers to Ali, with both models bearing his signature across its quarter panels.

And so, 30 years later, Khalid Ali has decided it’s time for the sneakers to go, even though the shoes are his only true collectible he acquired during his time as a ball boy.

“They were in my mom’s closet,” Ali said. “I didn’t really talk about them much. People who met me after my teenage years don’t even know I have them.”

In terms of other Air Jordan silhouettes already sold via auction such as the infamous Air Jordan 12 BRED worn during the “Flu Game,” with bidding that ended at $104,765 and also another pair of sneakers that Jordan wore in his rookie season, sold for $31,070 – SCP Auctions vice president Dan Imler says that bidding for the Nike Air Ship will most likely surpass $50,000.

Considered the first ever pre-Air Jordan gamers that Michael Jordan wore during the early portion of his rookie campaign before gracing the Air Jordans exclusively later in the 1984-85 season, how much do you really think these sneakers should be worth?

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