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To many, Michael Jordan was already labeled as the GOAT. Now it has become official according to a recent poll. ESPN’s The Undefeated partnered with Survey Monkey to poll the public on the 50 Greatest Black Athletes.

Back in April, 10,350 adults were asked to rank 200 athletes on 20 different surveys. The end result insisted that Michael Jordan had the perfect combination of dominance, impact and inspiration, thus making him the greatest black athlete of all-time.

From the time he was cut from the varsity basketball as a sophomore in high school to building his own billion-dollar brand. During his 15 NBA seasons in the NBA, Jordan was always known as “The Man”. He was as dominant as can be and after all was said and done he has size NBA Finals appearance, six NBA titles and six NBA Finals MVP awards under his belt.

Other notable athletes who ranked just under Michael Jordan included names such as Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Willie Mays, and Jesse Owens. Want to see the entire ESPN list? Check it out here.