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You’re now going to have access to get a bit more creative when it comes to designing your own pair of the adidas Originals Stan Smith by way of miadidas. These new additions to the miadidas customization program will now give you more options to give your sneaker more of an exotic look.

The new features that you will be able to utilize on your very own adidas Originals Stan Smith through miadidas include the addition of faux snakeskin and ostrich leathers on the low top. If you’re not able to make up your mind when it comes to what new material to use, you can actually use both new options on the same sneaker. It should be noted that to start off colors will be limited, but we are hoping for a wider array of color options in the neat future. If you’re interest in coming up with your very own Stan Smith, you can do so by visiting adidas.com.

via: adidas.com

 Author’s Take

Definitely a nice addition to the adidas Originals Stan Smith miadidas. I have a feeling were going to see a lot more adidas Originals Stan Smith customizations utilizing these new options in the near future.


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