Can you kick it in the Buddy Corgil? With a name like that, it’s nearly impossible to deny it. The low cut silhouette draws inspiration from classic deck sneakers and maintains a simplicity that is undeniably the dopest in the game, in terms of simple looks that is.

This time around, we’re catching the Buddy Corgil take on a vegetable tanned leather construction that is set in nume brown. Off white touches down on the inner lining as well as the midsole, keeping these looking fairly mute and not so flashy which can be good sometimes. If you’re interested in copping, then check with your local Buddy retailer today.

Source: Caliroots

Author’s Take

These fall more into the fancy category of sneakers for me, as opposed to street wear. If I plan on dressing it up anytime soon, I know what brand to turn to.

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