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Dear EA Sports,

Nobody cares about cleats in Madden like they do the sneakers in 2K. Ok, that’s not totally true. People care enough about the cleats in Madden in so much that they are accurate to what the players are wearing on the field, right down to Earl Thomas’ Air Jordan exclusives. But the video game community that happens to intersect with the sneaker community does not by and large freak out over even the hottest of Jordan or Nike cleats in Madden like they do when something that’s hot fire pops up in 2K. That’s just the nature of the culture and you know, because we can’t wear those cleats outside of the field.

But that all changed this past week when adidas and Kanye West entered a whole new world and dove right into the. From Von Miller to DeAndre Hopkins, a bevy of adidas Football’s biggest names were all gifted adidas Yeezy cleats for NFL Opening Weekend. While Miller only wore his Yeezy 750 Cleats during warm-ups, it was Hopkins who made history when he scored the first touchdown in Yeezy 350 cleats. When was the last time the world made a big deal out of somebody scoring a touchdown in a specific type of cleat? Probably never.

All sports video game developers pride themselves in being the “most accurate.” From the the presentation of the sport whether it’s the commentary or the camera angles or the uniforms having the correct logos and patches to stadium sounds to that are unique to one team, it’s all part of the hard work and research that they put in to make sure that we are getting an authentic experience. So what better way for EA to show that they really are living up to their tagline “It’s In The Game” than by bringing the cleat that set the sports world buzzing into their game. And we know that EA Sports knows that people are watching…