I’m in denial when it comes to Allen Iverson. I know he officially retired yesterday but I’ve given the same response to anybody that has talked to me about it: if a contender calls Iverson tomorrow and says that they need that extra scoring punch, he will be on that next plane headed towards an introductory press conference. Sure, we’ve seen it before when he said he was going to be Mike Conley’s backup in Memphis and again when he popped up in Philadelphia for one last run, but this will be different; or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself. Iverson will finally say the right things; he will accept his role as being a sparkplug instead of the focal point and everything will fall into place and the payoff will be every bit as fulfilling and euphoric as it was when Kevin Garnett finally hoisted his championship trophy in the Boston night sky. I still want that moment. I still want to believe in that Allen Iverson.