Remember back in the ’90s when the NBA used to be on NBC. Basketball used to be amazing back in the days, especially when it was played on Sunday mornings on NBC. Once you heard that NBA on NBC theme song, you knew it was about to go down!

Well, someone¬†recently found this audio of Marv Albert, that was used during the 2001 NBA Finals that featured Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’neal. That match up was considered something like a David vs. Goliath type of match up. Someone was brilliant enough to create a video for this years NBA Finals using the audio¬†from the intro of the 2001 NBA Finals. To our surprise, almost everything that the audio says matches perfectly with what’s about to go down once the NBA Finals begin tomorrow. If this doesn’t get you hyped up for the NBA Finals, nothing will!

via: @normalmode

Author’s Take

Amazing! Who do you got taking the ship? LeBron and Cleveland or Steph and the Warriors? My money’s on Golden State!



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