Lebron James Reveals His Sneaker Grail

For the launch of their new video series Grails, GQ’s Will Welch and Mark Anthony Green recruited up and coming NBA player (their words, not mine) LeBron James to help set up the theme of the show, where they reveal the most valuable pieces in their closet. Like any sneakerhead would know, the “grail” is not necessarily their most expensive pair, but rather the one that has eluded them or the one that they cherish the most.

While Welch and Green kind of cheated LeBron when they revealed their bespoke pieces, James got the last laugh when he finally revealed to the world what his favorite pair of kicks are. James sets it up by waxing nostalgic about firsts; whether it’s an artist or a musician, there’s something to be said about that first time. And when James stepped onto his home court for the first time in an NBA regular season game, the shoe that he wore for that game was the Nike Zoom Generation “1st Game”. Yes, he actually brought out the actual game shoe from whatever closet/vault it was hiding in to show to the world. As everybody knows by now, the nickname is a bit of a misnomer because that wasn’t James’ first NBA game, but he wanted to make his first home game special. And he succeeded.


James also talks about the evolution of his shoe from the Zoom Generation to the new Nike LeBron 13, the birth of the pose that would become his Dunkman logo and the mental edge he feels he has over somebody who wear his signature kicks.

Source: GQ