Kanye West made headlines on New Year’s Eve with his Nike diss track titled Facts. It didn’t take too long for someone to respond to Kanye and it was none other than one of Michael Jordan’s sons, Marcus Jordan. Marcus took to Twitter to express his feelings on Kanye’s “Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman” remarks with a couple of tweets.

Aren’t we all curious to think what LeBron James/Mr. Nike For Life thinks about Kanye dissing the brand he’ll be a part of for the rest of his life? Well, according to Toronto Star reporter Chris O’Leary, LeBron hasn’t really heard the song but his loyalty remains with the Swoosh.

I’m sure Nike is pleased to hear that the face of their brand fully supports them. After all, when someone will be signing your checks for the rest of your life I wouldn’t expect anything less.

h/t: SC