It’s been a back-and-forth battle over Durant, but it all might be over with Nike’s new offer. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Nike countered Under Armour’s offer, and Nike believes it may be exactly what Durant wanted to hear. The Swoosh brand believes it is enough to keep Kevin Durant for the next ten years (and perhaps the rest of his career). Exact figures of Nike’s offer haven’t been disclosed, but it is certainly more than the initial $20 million-per-year offer and more than he will be paid as an NBA athlete. After all, Durant has wanted to stay with Nike in the first place (first reported by ESPN).

Although Under Armour offered a 10 year contract that also included shares of stock, Durant ultimately wanted to stay with Nike. An anonymous source who is familiar with Durant’s thinking, shared with USA Today Sports that Durant was willing to ride it out with Nike, so long as they could come up with a comparable offer.

In 2007, Durant turned down adidas and signed with Nike, even though adidas offered Durant more money. Although Nike’s offer hasn’t been disclosed, we can assume it’s pretty hefty and probably more than his pay as an NBA player. It should be no surprise that Nike is all the more enticing, and the outlook doesn’t look so favorable for Under Armour.

Source: USA